Friday, April 4, 2014

How to Stage an Awesome Scavenger Hunt for Your Grandkids!

If you’re lucky enough to have a gorgeous spring day as a backdrop, little else is needed to pull off an Easter party & scavenger hunt.  Even if you’re short on Easter baskets, the Big Day can still TOTALLY work AND rock!

·         Money Saving Tip (repurposed Halloween baskets): Wrap trick-or-treat pumpkins in pastel gift wrap, and save on green grass (how many of us find that weird stuff trapped in our vacuum cleaners as much as six months later?) by using shredded green paper.

·        Activity tip: Let the Kids make the Party Decorations Beforehand: If you’re babysitting your grandkids before Easter, spend an hour letting them help create party decorations. A great Spring-theme idea that the local Cub Scout troop finished last Monday is pictured below; basically, they made a tree in full bloom, with handmade birds and leaves:

Get a Few Plastic Easter Eggs that Stand Apart: Make sure there are at least 6 novelty eggs in the batch you’re hiding: (example 6 gold eggs that stand apart from the rest). In your scavenger hunt clues, allude to these special eggs being the ones that contain something other than candy, like miniature toys, or a note that tells where something extra special is hidden!   TOP NANA found these examples @Target:
Bake this Cake! It’s an inconvenient truth, but most young kids prefer corndogs, nuggets and chocolate bunnies at Easter parties. This Tropical Carrot Cake from At Home Entertaining is a kicked up version of a classic that your adult family and guests will never forget. For icing use the macadamia nut butter recipe in TOP NANA’s last blog!  

How to Make Place Settings for an Epic Spring Party: These parties are a breeze because the spring color palette is so easy to remember: yellow, blue, pink and green; to rev up a place setting of paper cups and plates in these colors, fashion napkin rings out of big artificial flowers. For step by step DIY instructions, click on this Hyper House blog.
Hide the plastic eggs and make the REAL ones on the Big Day: This is a nice event that can be done in the air conditioning (yes, some states do use the A/C in April); letting party guests collect an egg WITH THEIR NAME ON IT is a nice, edible and waste free party favor. See below: a big basket of eggs that will inspire you to buy an egg dying kit with a wax pen:
And that’s all that’s in this Nana’s basket of tricks! Stay tuned for my next installment on fun recipes for Cinco de Mayo.

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