Monday, June 17, 2013

Grandpa Eats Sweet on Father’s Day Weekend

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Nana’s Kitchen is delighted to have another grandparent’s perspective of the Whole Food’s summer cooking camp. Last week brought us the 411 on watermelon slushies and how to sweeten them up with honey instead of sugar; a Grandma covered that territory.  This go-around, it was Grandpa who took the kids to class, and the emphasis was placed squarely on barbecue sauce.  Probably because it was June 15th and the menu was devoted to Father’s Day.  Smart thinking. The Grandpa featured here is clearly enjoying his homemade BBQ sauce infused beans, which lead to TOP NANA’s tweaked version we’re calling: BBQ Sauce Grandpa’s Way.

The particularly cool thing about learning to make a 4-star sauce is that you can use it to dress up the sides that come with the entrée. If you mix finger-lickin’-good BBQ sauce into shredded chicken, you can make pretty good chicken sliders—just take care to marinate the meat overnight. What man doesn’t love barbecued chicken on a slider roll? The kids in cooking camp were delighted to know that slider rolls are merely itty-bitty hamburger buns.
Here’s how you shred the chicken beforehand:  Boil two chicken breasts in chicken or vegetable stock, on a low flame for about half an hour, adding a little garlic powder and pinch of salt. Once that’s done, you can let the chicken cool down, remove it from the pot, and shred it quite easily with a fork. Submerge the shredded chicken in a Ziplock bag filled with your homemade BBQ sauce and marinate in the fridge overnight.   

When and if you use any leftover BBQ sauce, might I suggest mixing it with a can of pinto beans? Don’t drain the beans and let the whole hot, delicious mess boil on the stovetop; let it simmer for 15 minutes and then go find your biggest serving spoon. Grandpas, Grandmas and grandchildren alike, are sure to love this ultra-healthy version of traditional baked beans.   
For dessert, the Whole Foods chef made Strawberry Shortcake. Some of the kids in the audience had only heard of Strawberry Shortcake in the context of the cartoon character, got scared, and had to be convinced otherwise. They were happy Strawberry shortcake in this context was fresh berries, whipped cream squirted form a tube, and very good (for a mix!) biscuits. The chef made the biscuits the night before from a gluten free brand called Namaste. Everyone in the audience thought it was pretty cool how she served  them up—in paper cartons. The Grandpa in this article took his to go—and its been a sweet memory ever since. Hope you had a happy Father’s Day weekend everyone!

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