Friday, November 2, 2012

Grateful For Our Fans

The Network Kicks off November with an Author Interview

Terry-Lee Rosing is an author, a grandma, and a friendly face who pops up on our Network from time to time.  She entered our Grandparent’s Day photo contest, and has shared tidbits of interest over the past few months that got us hooked on the idea of interviewing her. For instance, we had no idea (until she told us) that she and the late actor, Patrick Swayze were high school buddies, and that the Ghost actor was just one of many muses to inspire her book, Saving Gracie. We sat down to talk with Terry about inspiration, favorite foods and future projects. 

Network: So, tell us about your book—but remember WE ARE A FOOD BLOG, so there just has to be food in it. Don’t let us down, okay?
Terry Lee: (laughs) Well, the book is Saving Gracie, which is about a mother-daughter relationship that must operate within a spiritual realm when the unthinkable happens. And yeah there is A LOT Of food in it. Just be patient with me and, eventually, when you visit my webpage you’ll see recipes for King Ranch Chicken Casserole, Kathryn's famous pot of pinto beans and more!

Network: Sounds like wonderful, not to mention delectable subject matter! Now all we want is to sit down and eat with you. If you were coming to our house to talk shop on ebooks (P.S. The NANA Network is hard at work on one now), what would you like to eat?
Terry Lee: That’s great news you have a book! I’d love to gnosh with another writer and, as a true Southern lady, I’d expect a tall glass of unsweetened tea with lemon, and some homemade hot sauce and fresh tortilla chips. I keep this on hand and top almost everything I cook &bake with it. Thanks for linking to my very own recipe: Terry's Homemade Salsa!

Network: No problemo. Being that you’re from Texas, and used to EXTREME heat, that’s one way for your taste buds to step out of their comfort zone—isn’t that precisely what you recommend for making unconventional dreams come true? Is stepping out of your comfort zone what lead to your book being published?   
Terry Lee: Yes! When I worked in substance abuse treatment centers, one of the old well-worn recovery proverbs stated: "if you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done." So be prepared to step on out there. And have a support system! I was lucky enough to have my husband keep holding me up. If your spouse, friends, family don't know how to offer support, turn to your social media resources. There are a gazillion opportunities online for support. If you don't find a group for your niche, start one!  Each time you step out there, it gets easier.

Network: Did you have a good literary agent?

Terry Lee:  No. I saw Debbie Macomber at a book signing several years back, and she made the suggestion to me about trying to go straight to the publisher. That's after I'd received 26 rejection letters from agents!

Network: Darn agents! We’ve bent over backwards for some ourselves. We love your subject material, Terry, and are so glad you persevered on your own. Really, it’s their loss.

Terry Lee: Thanks. It was a long journey! I wrote Saving Gracie in 2006. In 2007 I went the traditional route trying to land a literary agent and got so discouraged I put the book away for a while….then I joined the Houston Writers Guild and decided to let them have a look. Many tears and drafts later, I was ready to submit a complete manuscript to World Castle Publishing, who accepted my book this summer! You can hear me talk about my triumph at length on Youtube.

Network: We will most definitely check that out, Terry. I wish we could talk all day, but we really have to go. We’ll let you, the writer, have the last word!

Terry Lee: I've always heard people say they'd love to be in their 20's again.  Not me. Growing up was hard and I'm way okay being 60.  I'm a rowdy kid. I can still romp with my younger grandkids even if it means I have to rest afterwards. My teenage granddaughter says I don't act at all like I'm 60 and I'm not sure what being 60 is supposed to be like. I just know I wanted my grandkids to see my name on a book cover—and it happened. You’re never too old to make a dream you’ve had forever come true.

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Anonymous said...

Just read this interview with Terry Rosing. FYI - she is my sweet cousin who is more like a sister to me. Our grandfather wrote short stories and poetry and so the love of writing has now passed to Terry. Her book was very funny, but I found myself spilling tears in places where references to real people who have passed away touched my heart.
I hope everyone who reads her story will come away with this same wonderful feeling: that love transcends this physical life and feeds your soul.
Love the interview - love you Terry!

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