Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Poster Child

As many of you know, the Nana Network and the kitchen that feeds it (FNKWL), is not restricted to grandparents. We try to appeal to the younger set too—that is to say, parents with young children—and found a family activity that’s just right for the upcoming Father’s Day weekend. It may already be mid-week, but there’s still plenty of time. Our chief correspondent at the Network finished the project with her kids in one fun-filled hour!

Events Posters are a great idea every time there’s a dinner celebration at home  
A Dinner Honoring a Great DAD!
The concept is simple: find poster board, construction paper, glue, glitter and paints, and ask your children to create a special piece of dinner art that everyone can admire while you eat! In the case of the Father’s Day feast featured in this article, the poster was a long time in the making; its content had been discussed during a family meeting, pictured here:
If you have picky eaters, finding the time to discuss why they like this, or don’t like that, is a fine premise for a family meeting. Example: This meeting is called to order. Our first order of business is what we’re having for lunch. Would anyone here like to tell us what would make a good meal; and how about dinner? These questions are easily followed up by 2nd and 3rd orders of business that ask the youngsters at the table if they can think of any special occasions coming up.
“They told us on the last day of school that Father’s Day is coming up!” someone at the round table meeting said. “What do you think Daddy would like for dinner?”

Behind every special occasion, there’s a special person…
And he or she ALWAYS has a favorite food. Fathers everywhere love pasta, but they’ve usually got wives who want to monitor the calories and carbs their family is consuming—and that’s where TOP NANA’S  Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Garlic Butter and Parsley comes in.  It tastes like the real deal! Whether you serve spaghetti squash with marinara sauce or sauté it in the savory manor we suggest here, it’s so much like pasta, you forget you’re eating a vitamin-rich vegetable with half the fat and carbs as fettuccini.   

A nice side for Sunday night—because it’s summer and it’s HOT—is a Chilled Green Bean Salad with Mustard Shallot Vinaigrette.  Dad will love the crumbled bacon on top, plus it calls for parsley.  You may have some left over from the squash recipe. Remind the kids that having an herb garden might be a wonderful idea—look how often herbs appear in family dinners! Click the Baby It’s Cold link to learn more about indoor gardening. We know it’s the opposite of cold right now, but summer weather can be just as brutal in the other extreme, so you may want to do your gardening inside!
For dessert make Daddy a Chocolate Mocha Sheet Cake! TOP NANA loves this cake because it comes together so fast and smells so good. In fact, you can make it while your child or grandchild is busy with the event poster.

Whoever you celebrate this Sunday, we at the Network hope good times are had by all!

Love with frosting on top,
All of us at Nana’s Kitchen

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