Monday, May 7, 2012

Milkin’ It!

“Nana’s great! She’s making us strawberry shakes!” This is the sentiment I divined from the sound of homemade milkshakes being slurped through bendy straws over the weekend. I was babysitting, and we’d just come from a field in back of my grandkids’ house—a field that was studded with the ruby red hearts of strawberries and the hayride that went with them. We came, we saw, WE PICKED, we rode….and by and by, when we got home we were in need of a sugar rush. So I whipped up Nana’sStrawberry Milkshakes; a recipe that goes 2 ways: a full-on calorie dessert, or whipped up especially with your (trim!) waistline in mind. Just click the link to see how the ingredients can be modified for dieters.  

In May, Strawberries in the Deep South Are at Peak Season!

Since Charlotte, NC is where I happened to be, the scent of ripe strawberries hung in the air. This is a great time of year to go strawberry picking! Next, comes blueberries—and if you live up north, Mother Nature is giving you the entire month of June to go berry-picking. I think it’s fantastic exercise, even if you don’t have the pleasure of company. I can imagine going alone sometime and reaping big basketfuls to present as gifts when I make my summer social calls.

Strawberry Fields Forever

As Nanas and Papas (not to be confused with the Mamas and the Papas who sang in the 60s too), we grew up on Beatles Music. Their song Strawberry Fields Forever was based on Lennon’s memories of playing in a park in Liverpool called “Strawberry Fields.” I just cannot emphasize enough how important playtime is: for our kids then, for us way back then, and for our grandchildren now. Next time you pick strawberries together, make Whole Wheat Pancakes with Strawberry Syrup or garnish Nana’s fluffybuttermilk biscuits with fresh berries and dollop of Cool Whip.

Maybe Strawberry Fields ARE forever.
Lots of Love,

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Jenny Mertes said...

Nana, you're making me homesick for the U-Pick strawberry fields just north of Spokane, Washington, where I'd pick every summer until we moved to Arizona. They don't do that here. I just bought 4 lbs of really nice berries at Costco, though, and your "slim" version of the strawberry shake is calling MY name. Thanks!

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