Monday, April 9, 2012

Knock It Off, Meatloaf!

No, I’m not talking about the singer—I just knew his photo would get your attention. I’m referring to a new trend in my cooking that I’d like to share with all my Nanas: it’s called “Knocking It Off! In which I post a recipe every month or so that I do bigger, better and just a little bit differently than the celebrity chef who coined it.

On today’s menu is Roasted Veggie Meatloaf with Balsamic Glaze. It’s the meat lover’s meat loaf, combining pork, chicken and beef. Bobby Flay happens to love it! His Food Network version doesn’t have eggplant like mine, features garlic when mine doesn’t (one less thing to mince, ladies!) and uses a variation on his herb choices. Comparing the 2 recipes, I find that mine produces MORE food, and because of that, I included suggestions on what to do with the leftovers. Is there anything better than a meatloaf sandwich the day after you enjoyed a marvelous dinner of it with all the fixins?

If you’re interested in other Knock offs, check out my Giada inspired Zucchini Pasta with Fresh Pesto and Shrimp Wrapped Prosciutto inspired by Rachel Ray.

Then write back with all your Knock Offs!

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