Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fat Tuesday is Meant for Pancakes!

What’s  tender, fluffy, just slightly sweet and quickly put together? Why pancakes, of course—and there’s no better time to make them than the week of Fat Tuesday when maximum indulgence for breakfast, lunch and dinner is encouraged before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Here’s what I’m serving: Double Blueberry Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup, which call for quite a few ingredients that make you look forward to a sweet, warm, buttery outcome! I use cake flour, buttermilk, zesty lemon and a whopping 4 pints of blueberries.  

I’ve always believed that pancakes are a little like the Beatles. And by that, I mean, is there anybody out there who doesn’t love them? I wrote about Int’l Pancake Day on my entertaining blog last year to share my enthusiasm for Great Britain’s tradition of annual pancake races. Reading over it again gave Nana Network’s culinary team a hankering for more than just blueberry-infused carbs with melted pats of butter and syrup on top; naturally, we took this motivation right into interviewing our favorite home cooks (to see if they had any special pancake recipes worth recommending.)

First to respond was blogger Jenny Mertes who authors Joys & Disasters. How refreshing it was to receive her instant reply of “I’m in!” when the Nana Network put our feelers out for an alternative to IHOP this Tuesday. Jenny was happy to share a basic pancake mix that has pleased her family on weekends, going on forever. When we clicked the link, we could just see the tea towel laid gently over a short stack, so it’d stay nice and warm. For anybody who loves their flapjacks light as air, yet still fluffy--this is the recipe for you! Stop by Jenny’s blog to see what she’s up to, and let her know if you, too, have found reason to break things off with Aunt Jemima once you’ve tried this brand of hotcake.

Next to respond was another of the Network’s favorite bloggers, April Duncan-Nosek who writes ALN Cooks! Stop by her site to read up on the fun challenge she’s just launched creating dishes with Latin flair. We loved her description of “an honest, simple pancake-style house recipe”, found in the King Arthur Flour’s perfect pancake recipe index. April, known as Ape amongst friends, says that she attributes this pancake’s magic to the addition of malted powder. TOP NANA happens to be very fond of King Author Flour and is not at all surprised they turn out a top-notch pancake. We should add one of their signature flours to Nana’s Favorite  Things and get baking with them soon!

But for today, we’re simply going to batter up for the best Mardi Gras inspired breakfast ever. Wear jammies with an elastic waist band to the breakfast table, cause it’s Fat Tuesday, ya’ll!     

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