Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Puttin’ Up the Tree…and the Soup

When my own Nana made soup for the entire family, she worked hard referring to the day’s cooking as “putting up the soup.” It’s a fine day to do so. The decorations are down and the soup is on! I always have a spiral ham around the holidays and my favorite thing to do with the leftovers is to make Velvety Split Pea Soup. This year, I used my Christmas gift to make the BEST SPLIT PEA SOUP – EVER! Click the Amazon link to get the details on the newest Kitchen Must Have. There’s a new electric pressure cooker on the market that takes the hazard out of the process. Thirty minutes of actual cooking and an additional 20 minutes to naturally reduce the pressure is all that you need to create a silky, thick, rich soup that’s all incredibly flavorful.

Take a Good Look at My Favorite Winter Soup. No, You’re Not Color Blind

Notice that my Split Pea soup is a golden brown. My recipe takes its cues from the U.K, using yellow split peas instead of the green ones. What’s really important here is the ham hock, the essence of soul food and, in this case, the essence of soup. You don’t have to feel bad about a little pork when the split peas are so darn good for you. Who wouldn’t love a legume that contains just 1 gram of fat per 350 calories? It’s a way to atone for all the hard core eating you did over the holidays.
Please post your stories of tools and gadgets you received at Christmas, and how you’re using them to make your life better.

Let’s dig in folks. 2012 is going to be deee…licious!!!

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