Friday, January 20, 2012

Let's Go Dragons!

January 23 is the Chinese New Year! It’s been a month of shimmering evenings and full moons. A bright 2012 night sky seems auspicious a time as any to promise our readers a year full of zany, off-holiday posts on entertaining, like the 12th Day of Christmas, Groundhog Day, International Pancake Day, the Summer Solstice, and today, the Lunar New Year.

Our Nana Network grew excited about The Year of the Dragon because dragons symbolize luck. One of our members wrote in this January, about a chance encounter with another Nana at a park, a stylish Ex-Pat visiting the relatives she left behind when she moved to Singapore. Their conversation eventually turned to the Chinese New Year; of which this Nana remarked: “The streets are completely deserted on this holiday. Where you expect to see festivals and parades, it’s eerily quiet because everyone is home with their families, having dinner and spending time together. It’s really nice, but it made us homesick. So we came home to the U.S.”

Her words, in a nutshell, are what From Nana’s Kitchen is about and will always about: making the most of family time by celebrating with them, at home together, whenever we can. There are so many days on the calendar made for spinning the globe, in search of customs that turn your own just a little bit on its head. The Lunar New Year is one of those days—a perfect time to crack open our good fortunes, try new things, stuff a few red envelopes with some mad money, and offer new and innovative table settings befitting of this lucky Year of the Dragon.

A Toast is in Order

And that’s why I created this signature cocktail, worthy of toasting your loftiest ideas. It’s a drink that comes with a back story. Pantone, a company that sets the standard for color in America, has declared that the official color of 2012 is “Tangerine Tango”. It’s a very deep, dark orangey red, and the exact same shade as a fire-breathing dragon… or Tangerine Tango Margaritas.

Thanks fans—I’m looking forward to spending another year with you all!


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