Friday, November 11, 2011

Under $5 All-Natural, Yummy Smelling Soaps Available in Most Whole Foods Stores

They say “time is money” and TOP NANA couldn’t agree more. Maybe a minute saved is a penny earned—at least that’s what we decided when we looked into making our own soap as a fun Christmas project. We were going to publish a recipe on making soap from scratch, but ultimately climbed down from our soap box. What hard work!!!

As all of you know, we’re all for homemade, but melting your own fragrant lye into bricks would take more time and equipment than our readers probably have. But designer soaps still make excellent gifts, and when you, the consumer, find a good deal on soap and a creative way to package it up, it can be just the thing for that hard working teacher, crossing guard or next door neighbor who might surprise you with a spur-of-the-moment gift exchange. If you don’t want to send anyone away empty handed, consider this awesome deal from your local Whole Foods store.

Since the summer, most of the chain stores have introduced Canus Goat’s Milk and other all natural soaps as a bulk item. You’ll still find it in unwrapped blocks (they’re trying to be kind to the environment) on center displays throughout the store. The Soap company is offering a huge brick of VERY nice smelling soap for less than $3 a bar—just under $6 if you buy three at a time. TOP NANA selected all goat’s milk bars, because we love the pure clean smell and the way it pairs with a red ribbon at Christmas, but here are the other kinds they have to choose from; it's like poetry for your nose:

Pomegranate and Bamboo, Orange and Clary Sage, Lemon Verbena, and Lavender Oil, Apple and Pumpkin Clove, Eucalyptus/Cranberry, Sugar Plum and Pear Clove…

OMG…don’t forget to consider Whole Foods inexpensive, yet somehow classy incense and chocolate bars for holiday care packages while you’re at it…and thanks for taking the time to read this latest update from your Nana Network’s special feature on “Neat Little Finds” in time for 12/25/11.

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