Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother’s Day Couldn’t Get any Sweeter…Or Maybe It Could With Homemade Cinnamon Waffles…

Where we grandmothers are concerned, Mother’s Day can get a little tricky. Our children are grown, and celebrating with their own families. We still get cards and gifts, but they’re at a more sophisticated level than the sweet crafts that made us cry when our babies were still babies. We also give as well as receive on this day; many of us, after all, are fortunate enough to have a living mom of our own. I hope you’ll take the time to write on my Facebook wall (I call it my kitchen wall), and share the most special gifts you’ve given and received on Mother’s Day.

Carnations and Other Fresh Traditions

Since before Easter, my inbox has been crowded with notices of Mother’s Day specials and images of carnations, the symbol of this American holiday that has fallen on the second Sunday in May, ever since Woodrow Wilson was President. So far as the U.S. is concerned, Mother’s Day turned 100 in the year 2008, but taking one special day to appreciate Mom for all that she does has been a world wide custom since the days of the ancient Greeks. As well it should!

For the Mother Who Has Everything

I love how some of my emails from bastions of shopping, i.e. Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond categorize Mother’s day presents: “for moms with green thumbs, “for Moms who like to cook.” I’m sure I speak for a lot of us moms when I say that a lot of this commercialism is bunk. I feel extremely lucky to be a proud mom and grandma and classify myself under the category, “For the Mom who has everything.” That being said, I thought this serving tray was perfect for breakfast in bed—just make sure you insert photos of all of Mom’s most cherished memories before you load it up with breakfast goodies. Might I even suggest creating “The Mother’s Day Tray” and using only pictures of Mother’s Days past.

Special Breakfast is for Mamas AND Papas…and For the First Week in May, Teachers Too!

While my breakfast in bed ideas were expressed in a post last fall, and adaptable to Mamas, papas and whoever’s hungry, for Mother’s Day I’m rolling out a trifecta of Fresh Traditions: Homemade Cinnamon Waffles, Crispy Hash Brown Potatoes and fresh squeezed orange juice. If you’re an empty nester and your grown children live far away, sweet talk your husband into making these for the two of you. Grab a few plump, juicy oranges and OXO Good Grips juicer and get to work on your Vitamin C. If the way to Mom’s heart isn’t through her stomach, and she’s doing something else (other than feasting!) for Mother’s Day, these recipes are a perfect in, with the very special teacher in your life. May 2nd through May 6th is Teacher Appreciation Week, so why not surprise the apple of your eye (when it comes to education) with a special breakfast in her honor?

However you juice it, slice it, serve it or savor it, Mother’s Day is for hardworking, loving and deserving Moms across the land. May they have the perfect day this coming weekend, and live strong and prosper until May comes around again.

With all my love & appreciation,

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