Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Knave of Hearts Stole Lemon Tarts

I’m not a Blue Blood, but this month I’ve got British royals under my skin. Apparently, it’s catching. BBC, Facebook, The Daily Beast and more…they’ve ALL got royal wedding countdowns, scheduled on April 29, 2011. Reading about the bride and groom’s desires for “the perfect day” was both sweet and inspiring: they’re both 28, and all they ever wanted was a springtime wedding…on a Friday. TOP NANA that I am, I started picturing outdoor buffet tables under gently billowing white tents, monarch butterflies lighting on springtime flowers—edible toppers for the Lady Marmalade Coconut Layer Cake I’m serving this week on

A Sweet Tasting Fairy Tale Comes to Life! I also brought out a nice groom’s cake: a (CBW) Chocolate, Banana and Walnut Trifle, best served in a glass dish, so guests could see through to its creamiest, bottom most depths. I credit Prince William’s “Chocolate Biscuit Cake” as my muse: I read that it’s his childhood favorite and being served at his wedding reception. In a cookbook written by Princess Di’s personal chef, the author remembers that Queen Elizabeth—who often joined her grandson in the garden for tea and chocolate biscuit cake—was fond enough of the dessert to inspect it carefully each time its leftovers were brought out. In fact, she once instructed her page to call the kitchen and ask if anyone had been eating her cake. Wow! That’s the stuff nursery rhymes are made of…and it got me to thinking about the perfect sweet treat this time of year...(spoiler alert! see my Individual Lemon Tarts further down)

Trifling…These Are Just a Few of My Favorite Things...Royal weddings often feature a glass carriage—and for trifle desserts, an original English treat, a glassware serving dish is the best medium I can think of for letting us see the goods. So, obviously, the first new Favorite Thing—for the presentation of childhood favorites all grown up—is a trifle dish, as crystal clear as Cinderella’s slipper. Read more about decadent delights on my entertaining blog, which features, this week, signature cocktails and—my next Favorite Thing—infusions. Favorite Thing III, is the book Eating Royally—with an image from its cake-laden pages, pictured with this blog, and finally, for my doll collectors out there, a Kate Middleton Doll for our granddaughters to play with.

And finally, the Lemon Tarts…Worth Stealing, No Matter Your Station! Here are 3 words of bliss: Individual Lemon Tarts. What’s brilliant—as the Brits say about this recipe—is that, if you’re short on time—you can bake two larger tarts instead of lots of little ones, and cut the bigger guys into wedges. Better yet, the ingredients you’ll need are as simple, natural and straightforward as true love. Tarts are any open face pastry, and they had quite a strong presence in England’s “peace teas” (think block party) in celebration of 1919’s Versailles Peace Treaty. Lemon Tarts, as you can probably imagine, are not the only tart up my sleeve! If you’d like something less acidic and tart, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll ply you with any kind of fruit and/or savory tart you could possibly dream of. So get your beauty rest and enjoy these fine spring days while they last. Before you know it, it’ll be the dog days of summer—and then, after all—is when the Knave of Hearts stole the tarts in the first place.

Love & Fairy Tales,


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