Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well Butter Me Up And Call Me a Biscuit!

Strawberry Scones and Fluffy Buttermilk Biscuits Make for a Special Breakfast with Your Family

I’m guessing that just about everyone—whether they’re single, an empty-nester or raising a family—is hopeful that it’ll be a “glass half full” kind of year. For the purposes of this post, imagine that glass is half-full of creamy buttermilk! I’ve got two warm n’ wonderful “transport ‘em to a pretty basket and enjoy lookin’ at ‘em before they’re all gone” kind of breakfast in mind with my Strawberry Buttermilk Scones and their cousin, Fluffy Buttermilk Biscuits. While the scones are best served with fruit and whipped cream (or with pumpkin puree added to the mix before they’re baked), the buttermilk biscuits are better simply served; just add a big dollop of butter or splash of the savory. For sweet buttermilk biscuits, get out the jam (Top Nana found a list of Cooking Light’s best strawberry preserves, and pass the basket around for a breakfast that registers somewhere between dessert and serious sustenance. Is there no better kind?!!

A Note on Buttermilk

Buttermilk has been celebrated for millennia—particularly in warmer regions of the world like India and Pakistan; drinking it is often described as the perfect way to cool down. Buttermilk provides the same probiotic benefits as yogurt, but with less fat. The lactic acid and vitamins present in buttermilk also make it the ultimate skin cleanser, so when I discovered Baby Bee Buttermilk Bath, I knew I had to earmark it for a future “Nana’s Favorite Thing”. Once you bathe your grandchild in a tub filled with this loose and silky powder, you’ll never want to go back to regular body wash—it makes your skin soooooo soft, and better yet it has this delicate, perfumy, ultra clean smell that’s a treat to everyone passing through.

Why these Recipes are a Waste Not, Want Not Proposition We Can All Aspire to This Year

You may notice in scrolling through these scone and biscuit recipes that only 1 or 2 cups of buttermilk are used; that means a container still more than half full of buttermilk is returned to your fridge after whipping them up. I thought how likely it might be, to let the buttermilk go stale. After all, how often do you use it? You could easily wind up throwing it out—something we Americans are notorious for. Wanting to research this topic and reach my own New Year’s resolution about being less wasteful, I found this: Fact: On average, households waste 14 percent of their overall food purchases—and a big fraction of what they throw out is still sealed and not past its expiration date. The research also stated that the average family of 4 loses close to $590 per year in uneaten groceries—this is bad news, Nanas! We have to convince our families to do better.

They’re Our Groceries. Let’s figure out a way to use and enjoy them—You Can Start with that Half Full Carton of Buttermilk!

When we all come together and think about what we toss before we toss it, we could save the nation over 40 billion a year in lost resources. So what can you do with that extra buttermilk? The list is long…and creamy!

1. Use buttermilk to replace milk and most of the butter in all your baked goods, including waffles and pancakes!

2. For a unique taste and creamier texture, use buttermilk in lieu of yogurt in your next smoothie recipe.

3. Having chicken this week? Marinate it in buttermilk! Blend it with salt, pepper, and splash of Tabasco and refrigerate overnight in a large Ziploc bag.

4. Create amazing homemade salad dressing by combining equal amounts of buttermilk, light sour cream and mayonnaise. Fold in your favorite herbs and spices.

Yes sir, buttermilk lets you spread your culinary wings in ways you probably never thought of before…so I leave you to test its yummy powers of diversity! And P.S. If you chuckled over this blog post title, “Well Butter My Buscuit…”, you can find a campier (tacky but hilarious) version of this phrase on a novelty welcome mat by clicking here.

Bon appetite, everyone!

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