Thursday, January 20, 2011

The “Fall In Love By Valentine’s Day” Nana Network Challenge

Get 5 Facebook Friends to “Like” the Nana Network and Win an Autographed Cookbook!

Since it’s inception in 2009, From Nana’s Kitchen With Love has come a very long way. We started off with a handful of subscribers, then watched men and women of all ages, denominations and backgrounds—all of us united in our enthusiasm for cooking and family—blossom into over a thousand fans on Facebook.

Moderating the Nana Network was, is and will forever be a sheer delight—and it wouldn’t be that way without all of you. Though I know it would be impossible to meet all our existing Facebook fans face to face, I’d like to say that it’s a pleasure to know you…if that makes any sense at all. Your comments and “thumbs up” keep the motor running on Nana Network’s mission statement—which is, if I were to offer the short version, to show our grandchildren how much we love them by seizing every opportunity to celebrate how lucky we are.

If I Could Fit the Contest Rules on a Conversation Heart, It Would Say: “Fan Us”. Find Me 5 New Fans By Valentine’s Day & Choose Any One of My Five Glossy Cookbooks!

If you agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and Nanas’ hearts are fullest when they create delicious food and memories there, then you’ll no doubt enjoy vying for one of my books. I am giving away a stack of ‘em—to the first 10 people who find at least 5 new Facebook fans excited about joining our community. Between now and the cut-off time of midnight on Valentine’s Day, anyone who sees this invitation, is encouraged to submit five names to me—you can do so, simply by writing on my Facebook (Nana Network) Wall (Just please include the first and last name of the fan you recruited; you can also communicate with me by sending a facebook message to “jorj morgan”.) Oh, and another recruiting tip: Just tell your friends and family that every time somebody clicks the “Like” Button for the Nana Network, an angel gets his wings : )!!

Get the Link to My Amazon Page to Find Out if You’re GORGEOUS! Or More of the Fresh Traditions Sort…

Here’s an in depth peek at my 5 cookbooks, each one explained in full detail on my Amazon Author Page. When I know who my 10 winners are, I will personally contact them, ask what they want the inscription on the inside cover to bare, and sail the autographed cookbook of their choice through U.S. or airmail!

Good night and good luck!

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