Monday, December 27, 2010

What Are We Writing On Our Clean Slates This Year?

Write Down How You’re Going to Make the World a Better, (Tastier!) Place and Then Go Out and Actually Do/Eat The Things You Wrote!

The first of January and next 364 days are a clean, blank slate. It’s time to wipe away the counterproductive convictions and practices of 2010 and get ready to wrap our arms around the new wisdom and triumphs in store for us this year.

Nanas, I’m excited for our grandchildren. While it’s true that current statistics are high for childhood diabetes and obesity, it’s also clear healthier trends and grassroots initiatives are underway to help. To follow suit, I’m pulling some of the more popular, healthy items from an old cookbook I wrote, The Idiot’s Guide to Good Fat, Good Carb Meals. But before I dive in fork first, let’s talk about some of the foodies out there, doubling as super heroes.

The “Renegade Lunchroom Lady” is Making Our Grandkids Healthier: Who She is and How to Support Her

Anne Cooper, a.k.a. “The Renegade Lunchroom Lady” has been a chef for over 30 years. She’s on a crusade to change the way we feed children in schools. If you have a school-aged grandchild old enough to discuss what he had for lunch, chances are it wasn’t parsnip soup with curry spices—this is just one of the things on Anne’s public school menu; she’s getting students involved with the food they eat on every level. They take gardening classes, as well as enjoy significant input on what’s on the school menu.

Click on the salad bars for schools link to donate or print off a grant application, so that maybe, someday soon, your grandchild has a fresh and healthy salad bar at his or her school. In the meantime, indulge in my healthy recipes next time you’re babysitting. My Make your own Yogurt Snack and Easy Marinated Veggie Snacks are, according to the food world, like that classic “little black dress” that never goes out of style. According to over 1,000 professional chefs surveyed, snacking in lieu of eating 4 big squares a day is in vogue right now, and yogurt—particularly Greek style—is flying off the shelves, so feel free to use it for my yogurt recipe.

More Yummy Things to Follow This Year

Did you know that our First Lady has also jumped on the nutritional bandwagon, launching a nationwide initiative called Let’s Move! Her husband just passed a 2011 Nutrition Bill—a $4.5 billion measure that helps schools expand their subsidized lunch programs, as well as serve 20 million hungry kids in after-care programs, “after-school meals”.

Nana’s Bistro Has A Delectable Dinner For the Chalk Board

With my new favorite thing, I can literally spell-out what’s for dinner! This 2011, let dinner become a regular habit of “Becoming One with the Veggie”! I admit it, I’m a meat lover and I’m sure a lot of The Nana Network’s fans are also such…so here’s to getting your 5 servings of veggies a day, while simultaneously enjoying a tender chicken breast. Make my Veggie Stuffed Chicken Bundles. The veggies require a little julienne style chop, chopping—a fun thing to teach your grandkids next time you babysit—but relax! It’s just a fancy way of saying “cut everything into small, thin strips—like matches!

So set some palettes on fire this year, Nanas!

Best wishes for a great 2011,

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