Monday, September 27, 2010

For Breakfast in Bed, you don’t need a reservation…Surprise Papa with a Gourmet Grand Slam and let the grandkids help

I can think of reasons aplenty to serve that special someone breakfast in bed—this autumn, I believe its grandpa who deserves the royal treatment. Friends of mine, fellow Nanas, tell me stories about how their husbands spend the weekends—and these tales turned out to be inspiring for my feather down menu of French Toast with Tropical Fruit Salsa and Sausage, Asparagus & Goat Cheese Omelet.

I was inspired when one friend talked about her hubbie’s garden, which his grandkids help harvest. He enjoys watermelon, fruit from a mini orchard, tomatoes and chili peppers from his own backyard when they’re in season; wouldn’t those be good sautéed into an omelet, with a little fruit on the side?

Other gal pals said they made a tradition of Father’s Day-breakfasts-in-beds, and someone else I know goes all out with 4 star breakfast (on a tray) every Columbus Day in mid-October, when it’s her dad’s birthday. She, among others, bugged me for an inexpensive family activity, and breakfast in bed immediately leapt to mind. It’s free, there’s no dress code—you never have to worry about parking—and best yet, you can dodder over the ingredients until you find that perfect jar of preserves. No matter what you serve, breakfast in bed is always a wonderful, welcome surprise.

And why wouldn’t it be?

Breakfast in Bed has been around as long as crowing roosters. There’s a famous impressionist painting by Mary Cassatt with that title, and how does the old song by Dusty Springfield go?

Breakfast in Bed
And a kiss or three
You don’t have to say you love me
What’s your hurry?
You don’t have to eat & run…

Yes sir, check your dinner jacket at the door. You won’t be needing it for this breakfast date; you can wear a matching set of “his and her” bathrobes, nibble off the plate you’ve lovingly made for Papa and make extras for the grandkids if they’ve slept over. Kids love helping out with breakfast in bed (mostly because it’s an impromptu thing to do and kids love surprises); they make adorable waiters and don’t expect a tip when the time comes to bus the table.

In preparation for the big event, you can let them squeeze the oranges or simply pour the juice. For an extra special beverage to accompany your next breakfast in bed, I recommend an imported splurge: Volcano Orange Juice; it’s made from 3 different kinds of blood oranges unique to Sicily, with an unusually high presence of antioxidants that strengthen Papa’s immune system and help him keep up with the kids.

When you’ve plucked a flower and set it on a tray amidst beautifully plated food that looks like room service, I also suggest tucking a little note underneath the French Toast that reminds him how much you appreciate him—have the grandkids sign it if they’re around; then load up Nana’s New Favorite Thing—a multi-purpose tray that lets you dine, do crosswords or peck away at a laptop while never leaving those high thread count sheets…

The weather is getting perfect for these types of lazy weekend indulgences. It’ll be getting cold soon, so why not serve the one you love something special in the warm and cozy comforts of home? Enjoy the most important meal of the day, everybody!


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