Monday, August 16, 2010

Nana’s Night Out: Take Your Daughters & Enjoy an Appetizer Before You Go!

I recommend Eat Pray Love. It’s a Foodie’s Delight!

Movie reviews of Eat Pray Love, the most current chick flick to hit the silver screen, started in earnest already, but I’m still in the first wave of EPL movie goers, and am posting my spoiler-free review, along with a luscious pre-movie appetizer recipe, to enjoy with your friends.

Before I delve into my critique—at odds with what Ebert had to say—I should remind my readers of its point: I want my “thumbs up” to inspire them to help their daughters find a babysitter (grandpas and Daddies make great candidates), so that they can take a load off and accompany you and your Nana entourage to this feel-good film.

I don’t see enough movies. I make it a point to eventually see the award winning stuff, but equally important, I think, is bonding with friends over approximately 116 minutes worth of fluff: movies that feature too much shopping, too many meet cutes, too many Cosmopolitans—generally, the kind of stuff that sets your husbands’ teeth on edge, even if he’s miles away from where you sit in the Cineplex—this is what a successful “Nana’s Night Out” is all about.

Eat Pray Love fits that bill.

When you see this with your best gal pals, invite them, first, for a tasty little appy and nip at your place. Even if you see it in the next two weeks, EPL is still a relatively new release, so you’ll be among the first to see if it measures up to the book its based on. Oprah seemed to love EPL enough to start jumping up and down on a couch ; ). Personally, I am lukewarm toward Elizabeth Gilbert, the author, a woman who sums up marriage, babies and white picket fences as a terrible disease that only indulging in wanderlust can cure.

Since my blog is for people who cherish these things (families and fences, not so much the wanderlust), it’s easy to think you have nothing to lose by skipping this film, and while I agree with some of the harsher critics who say its “Harlequin romance meets travelogue content” won’t be sweeping the Oscars, EPL does possess imagery that had me drooling; it was like something out of Foodies Gone Wild!

Who doesn’t want to be told at their favorite pizzeria that it is “a moral imperative” to finish every last bite? I was so glad that “Liz”, EPL’s heroine, began her self-discovery in Italy, since it made me crave (and later make!) mounds of pasta, decorated with little sprigs of fresh basil, what I can only describe as “extra tomatoey” marinara, and fine Italian wine—what Liz calls her “therapist”.

You’ll see that my Tuna Tatare on Home Made Potato Chips pairs beautifully with a therapist named white wine; I encourage you to make it for your friends before you head off to be entertained. Okay, okay, back to my review…

Foodies, especially, can’t help but be inspired by current films. Just last year we watched Meryl Streep morph into a Julia Child that had us longing for Beef bourguignon; now another Julia is eating, praying and loving her way through menus to die fore.

I am not making this up when I say Roberts talked with her mouth full through most of the movie, adopted the nickname of “groceries,” and eventually invited us into a boutique to buy Fat Lady jeans. She introduces her European friends to our American Thanksgiving, and does the institution proud (probably my favorite moment in any film) and made me forgive how cliche her friends in Rome seemed—as though they were straight off the set of a Pasta Barilla commercial. Let me know if you agree…

So, there. I’ve told you everything I can without giving anything away—especially regarding who she falls in love with…or if she falls in love. My lips are sealed—not gonna tell you if she met him in Italy, India or Bali.

Before I go, though, I want to pose two distinct challenges to my readers: One, that they post a comment to my blog about having taken my advice on down-time at a chick flick, and Two, that they enjoy a little culinary delight with their road weary fellow Nanas & daughters before (and preferably again, after) they go.

Eat well, pray you’ll get to do it again, and love who you’re with while you’re taking it all in…everything but your waistline that is.


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Rachael Bender said...

When my mom comes this weekend for our birthday I plan to leave Leila home with daddy and grandpa while mom and I go have a spa day followed by a movie! I think we'll try EPL.

I'll let you know what I think!

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