Friday, March 19, 2010

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

In like a lion out like a lamb. March started out cold and ferocious (even in Florida!) and is warming up to a gentle summer—all the better to mind those little lambs—but don’t assume this post is solely for the youngest of youngsters; I’ve got a springtime activity for the bigger kids too—but, big or small, we ALL like to “go fly a kite” and with March being the windiest of all months, its warm gusts blow Winter’s chill, rendering the outdoors prime for play.

When was the last time you flew a kite? If you’re like me its been a while, but don’t let the mere thought of it exhaust you—go out and actually DO it. I did—and I think, like me, you’ll be surprised at the fun versus exertion ratio tipping in your favor.
Depending on the age, you can purchase beginner, intermediate and advanced kites that perform acrobatic stunts. Although hard-to-find in your local stores, kites are readily available on-line. For less than ten bucks you can purchase a butterfly mini kite with cord that will fly in as little as two mile-an-hour wind.

Running around your backyard with giggling children at your feet will work up an appetite. SO the smart NANA (pardon my little bit of horn tooting here) had a hearty dinner prepared well in advance. What was it, you ask? Well, probably something you Nanas remember from your own childhood, except my version of Shepherd’s pie takes advantage of lean chicken and substitutes sweet potatoes for mashed. You, too, can make it in advance, go fly your kite for hours, and then pop it in the oven or under the broiler to re-heat.

For bigger grandkids in your charge for the day—the ones who like to ask “why?” as often as they blink, you can set the kite aside for a minute or two, and catch your breath identifying certain clouds and what they remind you of. Touch on the fact that this time of year features dips and spikes in temperature that merit a good ol’ stickers and chart making session while you get dinner on the table. Was today a lion or a lamb? Let them decide.
In the meantime, I offer you my recipe for Shepherd’s Pie with Ground Chicken and Clouds of Sweet Potatoes for your next playdate. Did you see any sweet potato clouds while you were outside?

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