Wednesday, December 2, 2009


From Nana's Kitchen with Love is the companion website for my new book. On this site you will find:
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Here's a little sneak preview:

One of my favorite Nana activities is walking. The grandkids love to go outdoors, and so do I. They ride bikes and trikes. I’m either running to catch up or waiting to halt their down-hill coast. We stop to gather leaves, throw around a few acorns and pet the neighborhood pups. Just being with them, listening to their sibling chatter, is reason enough to take the stroll.

Taking a walk, on a stunningly clear afternoon is not only a memorable experience, but an educational one as well. Tying shoes and zipping jackets before we leave the house, counting the leaves that we collect, throwing with the right or the left hand, even tracing the airplane as it flies overhead, all are teaching moments. As Nanas, we are both teachers and keepers of family traditions.

I hope that over the holidays, you will have the opportunity to take a simple walk with your grandbabies. And when you come back into the house, a warm cup of cocoa and a slice of home baked cake, like my Eggnog Pound Cake with Sweetened Cranberries, will be the tummy topper to a walk-in-the-park afternoon.

Activity from the Nana Files
If you want to “Fall” in love with the season, before all the leaves are on the wintry ground, here’s a craft idea you and your grandchildren will love: make a wall of leaves. It’s an ongoing project that spans the years and will mean a lot to both of you. Scour the ground for that perfect leaf, and when you find one that’s suitable for framing, mat it, label it, and hang it on the wall. Leaves make great souvenirs, and the label you place at the bottom before it’s prepared for framing can be as poetic or straightforward as you want. I usually include something like this under the prettiest maple leaf my granddaughter finds: “Thanksgiving Day, 2009. Found at our favorite park, while the turkey warmed in the oven….”

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